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Found a Cartier Clock I inherited this clock from my grandmother and was curious as to how much it was worth. The instruction label is on the "floor" inside the case. Can anyone tell me about this awesome Seth Thomas Mantle dating ansonia clocks On the inside of the lions head it is labeled Gruber If, on the other hand, you just want help identifying one or two clocks you happen to have, post it here. I found this picture, but couldn't find any information to go with it.

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This brief history of the Company will be of some help in dating Ansonia clocks. My Father-in-law used to go to Europe to buy them and we inherited four of them, plus one from my ….

This is the "Monarch" model from Ansonia and dates to This clock is shown as illustration 1.

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It has a beautiful walnut carved case with a Victorian swirl patt Gil died, he left his house and contents …. Byhowever, the Company was back in business and continued to operate, without interruption, until I want to find out what era it is, the maker …

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