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And so I went to her house every so often and got the chance to know this woman who spoke in the quietest of whispers.

If you had never heard of her, it would have never crossed your mind that she might have been getting by on the sale of her body. Second, she didn’t appear to be a woman with what others might have called loose ‘moral values’ –neither in her speech nor in her clothing nor in her behavior.

She told them she was unafraid of them, and that she did not think she was disrespecting anyone.

She said that they would never hear the sounds of drunken debauchery or scandal coming from her apartment, and that her clients would come in and out only when no one was in the yard.

Fathers and girls festival, social experiment, photo exhibition and article contest among media representatives, as well as video shooting were the part of the events.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population, the Ministry of Youth and Sport, the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic have been closely involved in both projects as key government partners to ensure successful implementation.

Her clothing was elegant, expensive and suited her well for her age. She knew that everyone else was well informed about what she did.But she wasn’t shy about anything, and on occasion brought up the subject herself.And once, she even decided to tell me her entire story.The similar experience of other countries with the same problem shows that extreme increase of number of men, as well as widespread of violence cases in the country is closely related to a number of negative situations, as a further aggravation of delinquency, bride kidnapping, early marriages, human trafficking, etc. The entire neighborhood would talk about how an elderly woman in the building next door invited strange men to her home, and how she would smile to herself when she would pass through the yard, despite the fact that people behind her would offer up different versions of her life whenever she walked by.

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