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The evergreen 52-year-old star rocked a similar long-sleeved white frock featuring floral designs embroidered all over it.

“The reason misogyny doesn’t really seem to lessen as much over time as other social problems is because I think women really buy into it and perpetuate it in a lot of ways.

Since 2008 he has been appearing on Sony Pictures Television's C-SPOT, including the role of Owen on Gaytown as well as hosting his own series, Owen Benjamin Presents.

In 2008 Benjamin had a supporting role in The House Bunny.

She proudly debuted her new 'do which was done by celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena at the event held at Zero Bond Street in No Ho.

The light locks were pulled back and tucked behind her ear as her bangs hung to just above her eyebrow.

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  1. what I sense and smell in 'Jaipur' is a perfume that surrounds the old school vibe, with a vanilla-ish core that somehow manages to stand next to your more up to date, orientals. I have this Parfums de Joaillerie edition (first picture) in my collection, and dying to try it..I won't, gonna stick to the regular one. Too bad, if I'd want something like this one, I'll have to look between (often) overpriced niche perfumery brands for something similar. Cinnamon was more prominent during my second wearing. Classic oriental fragrance that screams opulence to my nose.