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R20/R42, Neil's interview with Howard Stern is on You Tube. We can argue about Quinto though as I think due to his personality it's also a control thing but lets be more analytic then typical. I have never seen anyone who loves being objectified like him.

I'm too lazy to link to the section where he discusses his sex life with women, but he basically says he knew he recognized gay feelings in himself from age 13/14 but, because he was famous, couldn't just walk into a gay bar or experiment discreetly. He also loves to play/act the supportive and docile image.

My friend still mentioned that Ricky was the best lover he ever had. One of DL posters claimed that he had sex with him and that Bomer was versatile.

On the other hand his ex Mike White supposedly is an exclusive top, as is Halls.

There is no other possibility, other than flat out lying. I saw GYPSY 3 times just to see his glorious butt in the 'All I Need is the Girl' number. I'm a non-versatile bottom but for him I'd learn to be a top[quote]Well what do you think?

They know either because they know the person, or they know someone who knows the person.

I can't think of any other out gay man who loves to tease and play with women the way he does (here in Miami last week where he loves up a girl and then moves on when she tries to kiss him).

Anyone else sick and tired of hearing all the intimate details of the Harris-Burtka union?

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  1. I booked a ticket via Amtrak and came down here to Fort Bragg, North Carolina on a whim , really thinking that this guy I am talking to is going to exist and sweep me off my feet and hopefully won’t hide me in the woods in a dufflebag.