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Everyone’s entitled to have those realms kept firmly separate – and that includes when those spaces are on the internet.

There are many reasons someone may use a creative username in place of their ‘real’ name on dating sites.

Usernames like Staying Pawwsitive, Britney__Tears, and unicorn_jizz were all called out, with the dating site explaining that they’d like everyone to ditch the numbers, symbols, emoji, sexual words, and, essentially, anything that doesn’t register as a proper name. ‘Good, noble names that took weeks, perhaps months to choose — from Hannah to Jordan to Lady Bird.

‘We want you, Big Daddy Flash916, to go by who you are, and not be hidden beneath another layer of mystique.

Even if that mystique is crucial to you and your dating life, unicorn__jizz.’ You can of see where they’re coming from.

Certain names are offputting, overtly sexual, and make people seem like they’re fake accounts or trolls.

While unicorn__jizz might not sound particularly pleasant to you, it could be a very easy way for someone to get across they have an interest in unicorn play. And our sexual preferences shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of – so why is Ok Cupid loudly making them a joke? But then you get into the implications of throwing your ‘real’ name on to a dating website and having things go wrong.

Someone exploring their sexuality may use Ok Cupid to try speaking to people.

Now, we’re running out of places to go where we feel safe.

What you’d wear to the office might not be what you’d wear on a night out, for example.

You might not be as loud in the office either, or as willing to dance on the tables.

Considering their blog post calls out the 16,411 people with ‘horny’ in their username, it seems likely that more sexual words will make the banned list. ‘You should be having traditional relationships with zero kink or fetish,’ Ok Cupid seems to be saying.

Because apparently, people are not allowed to publicly present their sexual preferences in the form of a name. ‘We don’t want all your dirty usernames on our nice, clean website.’ This is coming from the same website whose preliminary matching questionnaire included questions asking whether the world would be a better place if those with low IQ weren’t able to reproduce, whether someone would prefer to go out with someone of their own race, and ‘do you believe that there’s a correlation between race and intelligence? So sharing inflammatory, racist, sexist, and ableist views is allowed on the site, but expressing your love for a particular kink isn’t? It’s not their job to decide what’s appropriate or not appropriate, to draw boundaries of things that are dirty and things that are sweet and romantic.

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