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Hall's film credits include the 2003 thriller Paycheck, the 2009 science fiction thriller Gamer, the 2011 comedy Peep World and the 2011 drama The Trouble with Bliss.In 2013, he played the part of David Kammerer in the film Kill Your Darlings.In a joint statement to Entertainment Weekly, reps for the couple confirmed the split, noting it was amicable.“Having been separated for some time, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Carpenter officially filed divorce papers on Thursday in Los Angeles.Foy and John Lithgow, who played Winston Churchill, also nabbed SAG Awards for their performances.MOST READ ENTERTAINMENT NEWS THIS HOUR"The Crown" was created by Oscar winner Peter Morgan.According to the documents obtained by , Carpenter is requesting that the court award her spousal support, as well as have Hall pay for any attorney fees. Julia joined the cast of the popular Showtime series during the recently concluded fifth season as recurring guest star Lumen Pierce, a rape and torture victim whom Dexter Morgan (Hall) rescues and helps seek revenge on her captors.Both Stiles and Hall received Golden Globe nominations earlier this week for their work.

“I have absolutely nothing to do with the split between Michael and Jennifer,” Julia said in a statement issued to on Thursday. This is a personal matter between them, and we should respect their privacy.His only film credit is the 2003 thriller Paycheck, and he also appeared in the 2003 TV-movie Bereft.In 2005 he returned to Off-Broadway theatre in the premier of Noah Haidle's Mr.Something very traumatic happened to him, he doesn’t know what that is. He denies his humanity, he describes himself as someone who is without feeling, and yet I think that he maybe suspects -- in a way that maybe isn’t even conscious yet when we first meet him -- that he is in fact a human being.Dexter's a unique killer in that his father saw his dark impulses, shined a light on them, and told Dexter that he saw them, he accepted them, that Dexter is good and that he is worthy of love.

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  1. And that would be enough, but they were more than the idea of a good thing. By the time she was pedaling that Soul Cycle bike and crying about being really truly in love for the first time in her life and trying to summon the courage to go after her girl I was so head over heels for her and Adena I sobbed like a little baby. It’s fun and sexy on the surface but complex and dark just underneath, and the finale is centered on one of the best executed sexual assault storylines I’ve ever seen on television.

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