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Bacterial DUF71 members likely acquired a different function because the diphthamide modification is absent in this Domain of Life.In-depth investigations suggest that some archaeal and bacterial DUF71 proteins participate in B12 salvage.

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Phylogenetic distribution profiles, physical clustering, gene fusion, co-expression profiles, structural information and other genomic or post-genomic derived associations can be now used to make very strong functional hypotheses.

Here, we illustrate this shift with the analysis of the DUF71/COG2102 family, a subgroup of the PP-loop ATPase family.

The robustness of the resulting tree was assessed by the non-parametric bootstrap method (100 replicates of the original dataset) implemented in Sea View.

A second phylogenetic analysis restricted to 50 archaeal and eukaryotic homologs representative of the genetic and genomic diversity of these two Domains was performed using the Bayesian approach implemented in Phylobayes [].

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