Nikki sixx dating melissa london

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“Oh…” Gemma moans, squeezing her tits, “Oh, God…” Back in the close-up, Emily pulls her dripping wet fingers out of Gemma’s cunt, and sucks them, before reinserting them.

We now see Emily lying across the bed, rubbing her belly, as, in another close-up, Gemma gives her clit a thorough tongue-bath, while her fingers probe Emily’s juicy cunt.

“Oh, fuck…Fuck, babe…” Emily moans and whimpers, while she pinches and pulls her nipples.

“Hmm…” she purrs, getting onto the bed, and crawling towards Gemma, “Hope you’re at a good place to pick that up later…” Emily kisses Gemma’s round belly, then moves up, and the two lock lips, tongues briefly visible as they shift around.

“I’ll tell you one thing…” Gemma continues, as she puts the book down, “Both our hormones have been going absolutely spare the further along we get.

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