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We often hear pro-Mary Kay women (and their brainwashed husbands) rave that there are millions of women who have had wonderful experiences as consultants, so the company must be fantastic. Are women quitting Mary Kay because it was everything they wanted and more, and because they were making money doing it?

Or do they quit because they are dissatisfied and are not making money?

We also NEVER send out emails, except to respond to consumers who write us - so if you receive an email from us, without writing to us first, then it is a scam - do not open it - just delete it.

This is a common scam using "spoofing", making the email address appear to come from a reputable website, while loading the message with spam, scams or worse. to do with the advertisers (it is run by a third party).

To many, my fight against Mary Kay Cosmetics is puzzling. (If she doesn’t buy within the first couple of weeks, the chances that she will buy anything at all go down exponentially.) Start with the largest package and work your way down.

Don't assume the products or services in the ads have been cleared by CFR!

I submit to you that the reason women quit being independent beauty consultants for Mary Kay Cosmetics is by and large because of failure in the business.

I do understand that some may be perfectly happy in Mary Kay, but quit because of family circumstances or other reasons.

To avoid falling victim to fraud and for information on how to stay safe, take a look at our top five fraud prevention tips.

The simple answer is that anyone is susceptible to fraud, and every day criminals invent new ways of taking money from innocent people.

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