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Just a few of these include hollow bones, the position of the pelvis, the structure of their eggs, the shape of the shoulder blade, and a collarbone shaped into a wishbone.Dinosaurs had scales, and birds have modified scales—their feathers—and scaly feet.Another issue is that it may not be clear which of the method calls caused an exception, in particular if there are multiple calls to the same method.These issues can be overcome by breaking the statement into multiple lines which preserves readability while allowing the user to set breakpoints within the chain and to easily step through the code line by line: This can be worked-around in languages that support extension methods by defining a new extension to wrap the desired logging functionality, for example in C# (using the same Java `Byte Buffer` example as above) Subclasses in strongly typed languages (C , Java, C#, etc.) often have to override all methods from their superclass that participate in a fluent interface in order to change their return type.

In the example below, we define three new methods: indent, prefix and suffix.The Packer class, visible at provides a Fluent mechanism for using this class so that you would instead write: There are many places where Fluent APIs can greatly simplify how software is written and help create an API language that helps users be much more productive and comfortable with the API because the return value of a method always provides a context for further actions in that context.There are many examples of Java Script libraries that use some variant of this: j Query probably being the most well known.Typically fluent builders are used to implement 'database queries', for example in : The Ruby language allows modifications to core classes.This enables a programmer to implement fluent interfaces natively.

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instead of: In the Java Swing API, the Layout Manager interface defines how Container objects can have controlled Component placement.

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