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‘In the last decade there’s been pressure to give birth before turning 30,’ says Marija Senic, 24, from Serbia.‘But more and more are panicking less, unlike our mothers who more commonly married in their early twenties.’ Simonida Milojkovic, who is also a Serbian journalist, admits it’s discriminatory to say that being a ‘female predator’ is unhealthy and unnatural for a woman: ‘However, just as we women don’t like men who behave better than the most well-trained puppy, is how men don’t like women who ‘attack’ and chase them.I respect women who go against it, but then they shouldn’t complain and cry because they have to sleep alone.’Whatever the polemic, the book is a hit.

‘I don’t like the term predator,’ admits one female reader from Montenegro, ‘but I’ve had many sexual partners. Many behave in a similar way but prefer to keep it discreet.‘Most women will not sexually approach a man with the idea of having full sexual contact.That motive for the sexual approach remains in the realm of the male psyche, so not much has changed really.’However, there are some exceptions from the rule.‘There’s no difference between the west and here, just that the former are more open.’No wonder Balkan women are more conservative.‘Women in Serbia are conservative in the sense that they prefer to depend on someone for their financial state and happiness,’ says Belarusian Alla Levcovets, 23, who lived in the UK before moving to Serbia half a year ago.

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