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Sonam Vashi and Marwa Eltagouri report: “Hours before, Trump, speaking to a group of farmers and ranchers in Nashville, again criticized athletes who do not stand for the national anthem. The Atlanta branch of the NAACP on Monday afternoon had encouraged those going to the game to wear white and wave white towels if they disagreed with Trump’s policies and statements, a move meant to mock conservatives who sometimes call liberals ‘snowflakes.’” The president left the epic matchup early to fly back to Washington.Air Force One landed just as Alabama missed a field goal at the end of regulation that would have won the game.But Trump didn't stay on the plane to watch overtime.-- Related: The University of Wisconsin football team’s stay at a Trump resort during the Orange Bowl may provide new ammunition to an emoluments lawsuit against the president.The continuing humanitarian crisis has triggered a massive influx of Puerto Ricans to the mainland, specifically the perennial political battleground of Florida. Rick Scott, could opt not to run if the political atmospherics continue to be this bad. ‘Everyone is looking at you like you’re from outer space.’” -- Columnist Petula Dvorak argues that Trump is taking away the American Dream from hundreds of thousands of hard-working people: “Because she didn’t know how else to calm her nerves on Monday, Carmen Paz Villas did what she does best. ‘Everybody with TPS, all we can do is cry now.’ Because, according to our government today, it’s not enough to work hard, open a 401(k), buy a home, obey the law, start a business, get a Costco card, become a sports fan, win Employee of the Month and have a family to become an American.” Trump’s announcement means Paz Villas’s husband can’t stay: “He’s from El Salvador.

The president is also expected to travel later this month to look at prototypes of possible border walls, creating a visual that his base will love but will further galvanize Latinos.More consequentially, Trump threatened to abandon Puerto Rico’s recovery in October if people on the island didn’t express more gratitude for his efforts in the wake of Hurricane Maria.He has downplayed the death toll, thrown rolls of paper towels at people who lost everything and personally attacked the mayor of San Juan.Meanwhile, many still don’t have power — and electricity might not be fully restored until May. -- Trump’s nativism may cost Republicans Senate seats this year in Arizona and Nevada, as well as several House seats across the Sun Belt.Adding insult to injury, Puerto Rico is one of the biggest losers in the GOP tax bill. The party’s top recruit for the Florida Senate race, outgoing Gov. ‘And now, I cry and cry,’ Paz Villas said, in between rooms, when she learned that, no matter how hard she works, the country she’s called home for 18 years doesn’t want her family anymore.

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