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As the above graph shows, it was a more stable picture.

The seven episodes averaged just over 2 million views, which is more than 700,000 above this year’s series so far.

The concept is a mirror image of the radio panel game "Many a Slip", devised by Ian Messiter, which ended in 1979, in which contestants do the opposite – spot errors hidden in narrations of true facts.

As David Mitchell says at the start of the programme, "the rules are very simple". In the game each of the panellists is given a subject on which they give a short lecture.

Clarkson and co's popularity online will be one of the major reasons that Amazon Prime Instant Video spent a reported £160 million (0 million) to secure the presenters.

They are now filming "The Grand Tour", which will launch in the autumn.

The BBC has shared with Business Insider i Player figures for Evans’ entire series of "Top Gear" — and it’s not easy reading for the broadcaster.

The game is chaired by David Mitchell and is described in the programme's introduction as "the panel game built on truth and lies." The object of the game is to lie on a subject, whilst also trying to include the truth without being detected.the success of the format isn't about how convincingly you can spin a tall story, but how well you can sneak incongruous true facts into a lot of silly nonsense.The pleasure here – David Mitchell's endearing squareness apart – is the depths to which this silliness sinks".As well as the BBC’s own i Player figures, the UK’s television ratings body Barb publishes weekly online ratings collected from the major UK broadcasters’ video on demand players, including ITV Hub, All 4 and Sky Go.The Barb data is still in beta, but "Top Gear’s" performance bears a striking resemblance to the i Player figures released by the BBC.

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It may [sic] have been more dangerous fun if the contestants were supplied with their facts to be smuggled just before going on air, to allow even the pretence of some improvisation." He commented on how the show managed to be successful in the same slot as other Radio 4 panel games Just a Minute and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue (ISIHAC), although he mentioned there was a connection between ISIHAC and The Unbelievable Truth as the latter is created by the producer and one of the regular panellists from ISIHAC.

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