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In June, she starts shooting ' Vidocq', in Paris, with Gerard Depardieu and Guillaume Canet.

When you start to worry about that one photo someone might snap of you at the beach this summer, think of this lovely lady.

But Korshunova is hardly the first model to go from the catwalk to the morgue (or to become front-page tabloid news for some terribly unfortunate incident).

In fact, fate kind of seems to have it out for models. Audrey Lindvall The sister of supermodel Angela Lindvall, New York-based Audrey was visiting family in Summit, Missouri in August 2006 when she fell off her bike at a gas station and then got run over by a gas tanker that was pulling into the station.

Nevertheless, she refused to sign a contract with the agency because she wanted to continue their education.

Finding meaning in something you’re passionate about is a sure way to feel good about yourself this summer. and put on my running shoes and go for a nice little jog in my neighborhood. It’s a lifestyle now and if I don’t, I feel like something’s off.”This supermodel even says she feels the most confident and sexiest after she’s worked out and showered—a great incentive to keep up her daily routine! Switch it Up To make sure she sticks to her daily ritual, Taylor changes her intensity every other day, “I do alternate my days; every other day I jog, and every other day I walk,” she says. Homemade smoothies are a great way to pack in nutrients and protein in any meal or snack—especially when you’re on the go.

In the meantime, you can go to Nexcare and find a local blood center where you can roll up your sleeves (literally! Get Moving in the Morning Taylor makes the time in the a.m. With four kids and a hectic schedule, the former supermodel is happy to get in her morning exercise, but sometimes she’ll also stick in a 4. every morning is not easy, but Taylor is strict about her schedule to make sure she gets enough rest (it’s called beauty sleep for a reason! Just be weary of commercial or pre-made smoothies, as they can be packed with sugar. "The color is ‘Date Night.’ I love it because it’s sticky and it stays on all day,” she says.7.

Next role in the new movie in April 1997: "Il testimone dello sposo".

Director - Pupi Avati, and the name of the character Niki - Francesca Babini.

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